Integrated Safety Management System

The Integrated Safety Management System, or ISMS, is the umbrella under which WRPS operates. It dictates how work is conducted and protects the safety and health of tank farm workers, the public, and the environment.

ISMS is much more than just safety. It spells out how WRPS executes its work, from the DOE contract requirements on down to how individual procedures are implemented in the field. Implementing an effective ISMS program proves to DOE that WRPS can perform its mission safely and efficiently.

The scope of the ISO 14001 EMS includes those operations managed by WRPS through its contract with the DOE’s Office of River Protection at or near the Hanford Site in Richland, Wash., and applies to all persons doing work under its control.

Worker involvement is critical to a successful ISMS program. DOE expects that the entire WRPS organization, at every level, is operating in full compliance with the contract requirements. That means every employee must understand and support the ISMS program.