Employee Involvement

Employees are given every opportunity to participate in the daily decisions that affect the safety of themselves and their coworkers.  Employees are empowered to take personal responsibility for planning and executing work to reduce the risk of accidents. This philosophy requires innovation in work processes, conviction and dedication in how WRPS approaches its work, and how employees care for themselves and their fellow workers.

Employees participate in the safety process through safety communications, training, hazard evaluations, pre-job planning, work-site inspections, walk downs, assessments, safety meetings, special task teams, policy/procedure development, developing safety goals and objectives, and accident and incident investigations. This level of ownership allows workers to raise safety concerns without fear of reprisal and to offer continuous improvement suggestions to ensure a safe work environment.

Department of Energy Voluntary Protection Program (DOE-VPP)
Safety Committees
Health fit/1 million steps
Stretch for Life
Safety Awards
PAPC Lifesaving awards

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Department of Energy Voluntary Protection Program

The DOE Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) is a program designed to promote safety and health excellence through cooperative efforts among labor, management, and government at the DOE contractor sites. The VPP concept recognizes that compliance enforcement alone will never fully achieve the objectives of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA). Good safety management programs that go beyond OSHA requirements, standards, and DOE directives and requirements will protect workers more effectively than verbatim compliance. Certified VPP programs and facilities serve as a model for others where continuous improvement will lead to the ultimate goal of zero injuries.

Once a contractor or subcontractor’s program has been certified by DOE Headquarters, their safety program and performance is reviewed by DOE each year through a contractor VPP annual report. Each contractor is scheduled for a site evaluation/re-certification to visit every three to five years.

WRPS has maintained its VPP Star status since 2014.

Safety Committees

Executive Safety Review board: The Executive Safety Review Board (ESRB) provides leadership, direction and oversight to sustain and improve the effectiveness of WRPS programs and processes.

President’s Accident Prevention Council (PAPC): The President’s Accident Prevention Council (PAPC) is WRPS’s safety leadership council. The PAPC also approves Lifesaving Awards.

Employee Accident Prevention Councils (EAPC)These councils provide a partnership of bargaining unit, exempt, non-exempt and management to improve safety performance and reduce injury and illness rates through the application of VPP principles and the ISMS structure within WRPS.

As Low as Reasonably Achievable (ALARA): The ALARA committee ensures effective implementation of the ALARA programs and policies.  The committee members provide input and approval for ALARA goals and performance indicators, as applicable.  They also assist in the development of radiological awareness issues related to ALARA and report issues and actions to other safety councils and groups.