Working Safely

We are proud to have one of the best safety records in the Department of Energy complex.

John Eschenberg, WRPS president and chief executive officer, was recognized in 2020 by the National Safety Council

as a “CEO Who Gets It,” a prestigious honor awarded to company leaders who go above and beyond to protect employees both on and off the job.

John is one of only eight leaders from both national and international organizations to receive the award. A Q&A with John is featured in the January 2021 issue of Safety+Health magazine.

It takes a diverse team of talented individuals with various backgrounds to safety accomplish this demanding work. From accountants to zoologists, their unique abilities help us navigate the complex world of Hanford cleanup.

Tank farm workers perform their jobs in a demanding and hazardous environment. In addition to industrial hazards, the nature of their work requires tank farm workers to be highly trained in radiation protection and minimizing exposure to chemical vapors. Protective clothing, which includes respirators and supplied-air equipment, makes the work environment even more challenging.

WRPS is committed to accomplishing this mission safely and compliantly. WRPS employees recently achieved 7.7 million hours without a lost workday.

Awarded one of Americas Safest Companies by EHS Today