Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS) is

reducing the risk to the environment posed by Hanford’s 56 million gallons of radioactive and chemical waste stored in 158 underground tanks.

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Tim grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and graduated from Iowa State University before moving to the Tri-Cities. He joined WRPS a little over a year ago and puts his chemical engineering degree to use at our Effluent Treatment Facility (ETF).“I work mainly with the UV light oxidation and filtration systems. I love working at ETF because it gives me the opportunity to work with some very talented engineers who solve problems, to advance our noble mission at the Hanford Site.”Tim’s significant other, Bekah, also works as a chemical engineer at WRPS. He enjoys spending time with her as well as camping with or hiking with other friends and family. His spare time is often spent working on his 1992 Jeep YJ—the first generation of Jeep Wrangler.Thank you, Tim, for all you do helping advance the cleanup mission!#WorkforceWednesday#WeAreWRPS ... See MoreSee Less
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How is a #fail actually a good news story?When it's a #volunteerfail!Here's what happened:Justin and Kalli, both WRPS employees, decided to join WRPSpeed last weekend for a few hours of volunteering at Benton-Franklin Humane Society.“We’re a three-dog family and lost our boxer to cancer recently, so we knew that we would want another dog eventually,” said Kalli.While passing out enrichment treats, Charlie’s sweet, friendly personality caught their attention. Before leaving for the day, the Waltons asked if they could visit with him. “We brought our other two dogs in to make sure it was a good fit. The three got to play for about an hour and they hit it off right away!” said Kalli.Volunteer "fail," but a rescue WIN!Have you experienced a happy fail? ... See MoreSee Less
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