Working to Conquer a Complex Challenge

Delivering milestone commitments essential to Hanford cleanup

Nearly a half century of plutonium production at the Hanford Site resulted in a challenging legacy: 56 million gallons of radioactive and chemical waste stored in 158 underground tanks. WRPS’ mission is to protect the environment by safely managing the tank waste and preparing the systems needed to feed waste to the Waste Treatment Plant (WTP), where it will be glassified and prepared for disposal.

Managing the Hanford tank farms one of the largest and most challenging environmental cleanup projects in the country. WRPS managers and employees take an active, collaborative role to mitigate the hazardous environment while meeting important cleanup milestones. WRPS is safeguarding the public and the environment within a strict set of regulatory requirements, while working to meet ambitious regulatory requirements set by DOE, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the  Washington State Department of Ecology.