WRPS Focus

World-class employees doing important work in a hazardous environment.

Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS) manages one of the most challenging radioactive waste cleanup projects in the country. Our focus is reducing the environmental risk posed by 56 million gallons of radioactive and chemical waste stored in 177 underground tanks near the center of the 586-square-mile Hanford Site. Our commitment includes doing the job safely with a strong focus on innovation, employee involvement, and environmental protection.

The WRPS workforce is unwavering in its commitment to clean up. Discipline and dedication are traits that underlie our ability to safely and efficiently achieve our goals.

We are committed to supporting programs and projects that advance educational and economic development opportunities in the region as well as those that enhance the quality of life. The future of the Tri-Cities area is bright, and WRPS is excited to be involved and help it grow to realize its full potential.

At WRPS, we earn our client’s trust by delivering outstanding customer service and adhering to an unwavering commitment to ethics in all that we do. Every employee is obligated to act with the highest degree of integrity and in full compliance with laws, rules and regulations and to follow all management directives, policies, plans and procedures that support the Code. This approach will ensure long-term success for our people, our company, our client and our stakeholders. Click on the banner below to view our Company’s Code of Business Ethics & Conduct.

WRPS is the Tank Operations Contractor for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of River Protection subcontractor.  We are a limited liability corporation owned by Amentum and Atkins, with Orano as its integrated subcontractor.