WRPS’ internship program offers a range of learning opportunities for college students interested in working on meaningful projects at the historic Hanford Site.

Potential Opportunities:

  • Engineering
  • Nuclear Technology
  • Business/Accounting
  • Science (Chemistry and Biology)
  • Mathematics
  • Health Physics
  • Environmental
  • Construction
  • Management
  • Safety and Health
  • Human Resources


  • Paid internship
  • Consistent but flexible work schedule
  • Opportunity to apply and improve your  knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Professional development opportunity
  • Academic knowledge in a workplace  setting
  • Networking opportunities

Program Requirements:

  • US Citizenship/18 years of age
  • Must have completed two quarters/semesters of college education prior to applying
  • Must be enrolled as a full-time student (12+ credits) during the two  quarters/semesters preceding the  start of the internship
  • Maintain a 2.5 GPA

“As an intern I had access to experienced engineers; I worked in a professional work environment and I had the opportunity to work on many challenging tasks. This opportunity prepared me to start my engineering career post-graduation. I highly recommend this program.”

– Joel Larson

“I did not have work experience when I started working at Hanford but this program gave me the opportunity to gain and learn so much more. Thank you to all who helped me as an Internal Audit and Project Controls intern, especially my managers who worked very hard to place me in a position that was best fit for me.”

-Dennis Zamora

“It has been a great privilege to intern for WRPS with the Quality Assurance Department. This opportunity allowed me to enhance my skill sets,  but most importantly, I received great advice, guidance and support from experienced professionals.”

-Jessica Cuevas