What is ISIP?

The Integrated Strategic Improvement Plan (ISIP) captures improvement strategies identified to lead Washington River Protection Solutions, LLC (WRPS) and the One Hanford team toward an accelerated and sustained pace of operations through the safe, compliant, and disciplined execution of work.

The goal of the ISIP is to outline strategies that drive a culture shift to safely and compliantly improve our operational pace. Execution of the improvement strategies will minimize adverse impacts on waste feed delivery, treatment, and immobilization. Conduct of Operations (ConOps), safety culture and associated behaviors must become fundamental habits to allow the organization to focus on the execution and advancement of mission activities as we lead the Hanford Site toward mission acceleration.

More information about the ISIP is available on the WRPS intranet page under Departments & Services > Mission Delivery > Integrated Strategic Improvement Plan (ISIP).